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Our Cake Stands collection

Cake stands can make a huge difference in you presentation.

Just like all other categories in cake decoration the cake stands come in many different looks. Each one tells a different story. Some simple cake stands are just one tier. That does not mean the stand is bad by any means. In most cases one tier stand is sufficient. Then we have cake stands that are made out of 2,3,4,5 or more tiers. You often see these used for amazing wedding cakes. A good cake stand needs to be solid and firm. It needs to be able to balance safely with all the cake weight on it. Seems like a logical statement, but there are many cake stands out there that get wobbly within few uses. It is important to buy good quality stands as one could ruin your amazing cake that you spent hours or even days working on. So for this reason we recommend to buy the right stand even if it costs few bob more than one in the shop next door. Then we have the more traditional cake stands. Porcelain or glass stained to look like porcelain seem to be very popular for more “royal English” themed cakes. These usually have a golden (have not seen to many of these) or gold plated centre and handle. Other popular cake stands have more of an Asian look - One tier with amazingly carved wooden legs and base. These are painted in Asian style images and look amazing with a nicely decorated cake on them. Then there are also the safest and best rated cake stands. These are made out of strong acrylic and are clear. Making them adaptable to any style of cake and decoration you may choose to go with. Let’s not forget the “one use” strong cardboard stands. These work great and save you from having to wait around a party to get your expensive cake stand back. Some are strong enough for a 3 tier cake without a problem. We are working on increasing out cake stand collection on our online shop and hope to have the best collection very soon. Finding the right manufacturers who will consistently create amazing and good quality cake stands at affordable pries can take some time. But don’t worry – we are onto it!

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