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Our Cake Moulds collection

Every great cake starts with an idea and some cake moulds!

We have a amazing collection of cake decoration molds in store. Well some people would argue that one starts with a cake mould and then develop the decorating idea. Either way having a decent collection of cake moulds is a must for any baker and cake decorator. Traditionally we had round and square cake molds but that was not enough so people started inventing and developing more shapes to suit the cake theme. A good example would be a kid’s birthday. Maybe your son is turning seven years old and you want to have a number 7 shaped cake. So why make a square cake and cut it into shape? No need as you can simply use a 7 shaped cake mould. The same applies to other themed cakes. You can find caste shaped cake moulds which when baked you get a perfect looking caste which would take years of experience to carve out of a square cake. Now we are not talking about small and miniature moulds which are used to make decoration peace’s for the cake, but full size cake moulds. Popular kids’ cake mould is in shapes of different cars. You get a great looking car cake and all you need to do is use an airbrush or cake decoration pen to colour it. We can also see many Harry Potter themed cake moulds. Face of the wizard is a common one amongst the fans. Harry himself has few cake mould options which are giant winners with die-hard fans. The popular cake moulds with girls seems to be the Barbie mould. This one needs some more decorating work as the main mould produces a big ball dress like shape. No matter what your cake theme is there is a mould out there which can make your cake baking easier. Have a look at our online store and see our high quality moulds. All are at affordable prices and only few clicks away.

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