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Our cookie cutters collection!

Cookie Cutters Rule, yes they do!

Cookie cutters these days are on another level then when grandma used to make pastry. One of our team members was so surprised when she discovered what is out there in the cookie cutter world today. Sure we still love and use star shapes, circles, hearts but new inventions have changed the game. Now we have 3D type cookie cutters which can produce amazing designs like detailed butterflies. We are working on the best collection out there and we are determined to have every shape available in our store. So if we are missing something do let us know. The most popular cookie cutters these days seem to be the 3D versions. Butterflies, trees, animals all now come in 3 dimensional options. Depending on your project you can get a single themed cookie cutter or a set to suit your needs. Imagine creating an angel themed 3D cake. Imagine 3 tiers with 3D angels on all sides. You imagination is toe limit. So have a look at our collection of cookie cutters and see what you can come up with.

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