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Cake Decorating Letter Stencils Can Save the Cake and the day

How often do you see cake decorations gone wrong when someone decides to use piping bag to write a message instead of letter stencils? There are some amazing examples of bad handwriting (or may we say cake writing). Such things can be avoided by having some good letter stencils. Now some people confuse letter stencils with letter moulds but it does not really matter. The difference is that stencils are thin materials which can be used to spray over them or use them to cut out the desired letters and numbers. While moulds are used to actually mould the desired letters and numbers which can then be attached to the cake. The application varies off course depending what the desired result is. Nevertheless no need to worry as these days there are many great options for letter stencils. The only concern should be the quality and material used during fabrication. You want to make sure the material wont’ leak or release any plasticides or harmful chemicals. Sometimes it is worth paying few extra dollars to make sure you are safe. But no need to worry as we have stocked some cheap and affordable letter stencils alongside with many other stencil shapes. Feel free to browse through our store selection. We stock: Latin Alphabet Stencils, Russian Letter Stencils, number Stencils and many more.

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