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Thera are thousands of Macarons being made every day. Some end up much better than others – have you ever wondered why? Well there are three main reasons why macarons can fail. 1- You need to have the right recipe as with the right recipe you are half way there. 2 –You ay need to practice few times until you get the perfect looking macrons. 3 – You need the right macaron tools: Macaron Mats, Macaron Boxes and Macaron Templates. Like anything else the right tools will make your life easier. Macaron Mat – Macaron mats come in many different sizes and materials. The early once were cast iron which them progressed into silicon macron mats. They come in different sizes depending how big or small you like your macrons to be. Using a macron mat will help you form the perfect shapes and prevent them from spilling and deforming. They are non-stick and are designed to go into the oven at high temperatures. Macaron mats are  a great tool to have in your kitchen. Macaron Boxes - Macaron Boxes are simply beautiful boxes of different shapes and sizes. These are used to pack your macrons whether it’s for sale or to give away to friends and family. Macaron Boxes are usually bought depending on the persons personal taste and likes. We are working to get a good quality collection of macron boxes for our loyal customers. Macaron Templates - Macaron Templates are templates already printed on baking type paper or in digital format which can then be printed. Macaron Templates are used so when one makes the macrons – he/she knows how wide to go with the macron mix. This helps to keep them all at the same or similar size. We have seen many people move from macron templates to macaron mats because it was easier and more cost effective in long run. Macaron mats can be washed and reused for years while macron templates are usually a single use item. At Cake Decorating Supplies we have a good collection of Macaron Mats which can make your macrons keep to same size.

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