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Our Silicone Moulds Collection

This is where silicone moulds make cake decorating gets interesting

Silicone moulds are made out of good quality and durable material which is great for long/ongoing uses in our kitchens. They are easy to clean and maintain. Most decorated cakes we see have had some parts created by using silicone moulds. You have large moulds which are used for forming cakes and smaller silicone moulds which are used to create cake decorations. No matter what themed cake you are decorating there are guaranteed silicone moulds out there which will help you greatly. One very interesting mould used for decoration of cakes is the flower or rose shaped silicone mould. Such fine detail has gone into these that a moulded chocolate flower looks like it was made in a professional cake shop with many years of experience. Another very cool silicone mould we have seen recently is one which gives you a shape of frozen ice popsicle – something you see in countries where it is cold and water droplets freeze overtime. Our first sighting of this style was on a girls “Ice Princess” themed cake. It was simply just different and stunning. Another cool application of silicone moulds was sighted at a 70th birthday party where all biscuits were different smiley faces. The reason was that the lady loved using smiley faces when texting any family member. Good for you we actually have these in stock now. No matter what the style and theme of your cake decoration there is a silicone mould available. From butterflies to famous cartoon figures it is all possible. How about you? What is going to be your next cake decorating project? Have a look at our silicone moulds and maybe you will find something inspiring.

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